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When a student crosses the stage to receive their college diploma, what’s on the other side of that stage is largely uncertain. There will be job changes, bills to pay, and potential relocations. What there doesn’t have to be, however, is stress regarding your transportation. With the Nissan College Grad Program, recent or upcoming college graduates, as well as current graduate students, can receive discounts and best-ever pricing on nearly all new Nissan vehicles, and we’re proud to be affiliated with this program at Nissan of Sacramento.

As we mentioned, this program is offered to those who have graduated within the last two years, those who will graduate within the next six months, or those currently enrolled in graduate courses. To enroll in the program, all that a prospective buyer must do is visit the Nissan College Grad Program Page, which can be reached by clicking on the button below. From there, they simply fill out the short form on the page, and then bring the printed form to us at Nissan of Sacramento. Once here, they can pick out the new Nissan vehicle of their choice, and then are free to drive off into the sunset, armed with the knowledge that, for all the uncertainty that the next few years might hold, their mode of transportation is secure for years to come.

So, is there a Nissan that you’d like to make your first post-graduation vehicle? If so, we encourage you to visit us at Nissan of Sacramento, also serving the nearby communities of Carmichael, Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove. Visit us today for more details!

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Enroll in the College Grad Program Today at Nissan of Sacramento!

Perhaps the most stressful part of graduating from college is that, well, there’s just so much to worry about, and it all piles up at once. You’ve got to move, and organize your future plans, and there’s no clear map for how to get there. Fortunately, with the Nissan College Grad Program, one checklist item can be removed entirely. We work with every enrollee to find a Nissan vehicle that suits their particular needs, with very little accompanying worry.

So which new Nissan will be the vessel for the years ahead? Perhaps you’d like something economical, such as the Versa or Sentra. Or maybe a versatile crossover SUV, such as the stylish JUKE or the efficient Rogue. Even if you’d like to try one of our popular outliers, such as a 370Z or a Titan XD, these are available as part of the program as well. Visit us today at Nissan of Sacramento to select your new vehicle as part of the Nissan College Grad Program!